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Wrth inni baratoi i symud ymlaen i sefydlu Canolfan Cyswllt Diwylliannol Nwami, ‘rydym hefyd yn adnweyddu cynnwys a chynllun ein gwefan. Pigwch ‘nôl fan hyn yn y Gwanwyn, neu cysylltwch â ni yn uniongyrchol:

Ffoniwch/Tel: 01492 530110/07999736292

Ebost: doctorroy(at)btinternet.com

Prior to the opening of our new endeavour the Centre for Cultural Engagement (CCE) the NWAMI website is being redesigned, new content will be added shortly. Please call back here soon or contact us directly:

Tel: 01492 530110/07999736292

Email: doctorroy(at)btinternet.com

Cultural Engagement and Community Cohesion by sharing the diverse cultural achievements of mankind


We are committed to reducing barriers by building up a cohesive community and integrated society in Wales in the 21st Century.


The Centre for Cultural Integration is dedicated in its mission to challenge all obsticles that come its way through the formation of a respectful, peaceful and healthy society through an understanding of the diverse cultures that exist in Wales today.




Centre for Cultural Integration



  • Based on the recognition of both differences and similarities between cultures the centre will be supportive of cross-cultural dialogue and will challenge self-segregation tendencies within cultures.

  • The impetus of the centre will be to move beyond a passive acceptance of a multicultural fact of multiple cultures effectively existing in a society and instead will promote dialogue and interaction between cultures.

  • The ethos of the centre will be rooted in the pursuit to define shared interests and common values across cultural and national borders.

  • We will encourage and seek to equip visitors to the centre with the means to think outside the box of one’s motherland” and by “seeing many sides of every question without abandoning conviction, and without losing one’s own cultural centre