• Our Purpose

    The North Wales Association for Multicultural integration is dedicated to building up a cohesive community and integrated society in Wales in the 21st century. We aim to achieve this through promoting an understanding and respect of the country’s diverse cultures.

    What we do

    • NWAMI realises that one of the main reasons of isolation is lack of confidence due to unemployment and inappropriate accommodation arrangements and is therefore committed to guiding people to the right directions.
    • We organise cultural performances in music, dance and other art forms. We are holding  Culture-Encompass, a day-long festival in Bangor, Gwynedd on November 30th.
    • We promote intellectual activities through debates, book reading, poetry writing and story telling.

    Contact us,  get involved

    People from all walks of life are welcomed to share their culture, thoughts and aspirations. NWAMI aims to provide assistance to those who a seek better future by listening to  their needs and looking for solutions.

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    We are holding a festival in Bangor on 30th November, to include performers and guests from a miasma of cultures! We welcome anybody to get involved in any way they want to. There will be performances, talks from world citizens, and craft & performance workshops. See the draft programme.

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